Saturday, 6 December 2014

Rights and wrongs

A judge has ruled that a Prison Service ban on sending books to prisoners is unlawful. The curious thing is that the European Convention on Human Rights wasn't even mentioned - so we now have judges able to strike down statutory instruments like this one without any legal backing at all. No doubt the judge is expecting a Labour-LibDem coalition to emerge next year, with the consequent reward of a senior judgeship.

Something that will seem very wrong to most Britons is the imminent passage of an Act of Parliament forcing governments to spend 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid. Although government policy, the four most senior Tory ministers made sure they were absent for the third Commons reading, with only a seventh of Tory MPs voting for the Bill. LibDems and Labour MPs saved Cameron's absent bacon.

The usual feminists and left-wingers are up in arms about breastfeeding in public - not just because a restaurant recently asked a breastfeeding mother to cover her breast up when feeding her baby, but also because UKIP's Nigel Farage noted that many people feel uncomfortable about, well, breastfeeding in public. As they do, but apparently it was "controversial" - mainstream media code for "fascist" - to mention it.

Stormont seems deadlocked over reductions to the welfare budget, so Cameron has decided to carry on betraying Ulster loyalists just like Thatcher did a year after the Brighton bombing, He's asking the Irish prime minister to sort it out. The "Iron" lady had prepared the way by inviting Ireland to share in the running of the north through the Anglo-Irish agreement. (Earlier this year the White House laid down the law on parades.)

Despite the creeping advance of the police state - web censorship to be tightened, parents to be jailed for upsetting their children (and men their wives) - at least a judge has ruled that a woman can't be jailed for having been drinking during her pregnancy. Yes, she did it to excess resulting in foetal damage, but if she had lost the way would have been opened to punish women for having even the odd tipple - or, of course, a fag.

However, bureaucratic overspending by the Devon health commissioning quango has allowed them to cut costs in a typically police state way. If you've had even one cigarette in the last eight weeks you can go whistle for a needed operation for all the good it will do you. Fatties can go hang too, even if their condition isn't related to obesity. And if you need two hearing aids, they'll only give you one. Serves you right for being deaf.

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