Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Bent Brussels

The EU Court of Auditors has refused to sign off the Commission's corruption-riddled accounts for the twentieth year running, but it now claims that it has done so, Britain's net extortions have been soaring above the rate of inflation for years, with an extra £1.7 billion now being added to fund overspending - a surcharge  Cameron pretends he has halved - taking us up to a record £13 billion this year. Oh yes, and we've just been saddled with another £680 million surcharge too, for yet more overspending.

The former prime minister of Luxemburg - who arranged dirty deals with UK firms so that they paid bugger-all corporation tax, forcing you and me to make up the shortfall - wants the Commission, of which he is now the president, to have control over, er, corporation tax. He wants to preside over the EU inquiry into his tax dodging deals too.

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  1. It's as exactly corrupt as it sounds. Any member of the general public acting in a manner analogous to that of Cameron and Juncker would end up in court.


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