Sunday, 15 June 2014

Stupid bitch of the month

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Labour Party once get most of its support from white, working class men? Now they're hoping to win a Brighton seat next year by putting up an Asian women with a hatred of football fans .....who are mainly white, working class men. Anyone would think she was trying to pinch votes from Caroline Lucas, the sitting Green Party MP. And they say that traditional Labour voters are going over to UKIP -

"Brighton parliamentary candidate Purna Sen has flagged up a set of World Cup statistics that she said every football fan should know. Ms Sen, who is standing for Labour in Brighton Pavilion at the general election next year, wrote about how men beat women when England beat their opponents – and when they lose.....she said: 'When England beat Slovenia in 2010, reports of domestic violence increased by more than a quarter (27 per cent). And when England lost 4-1 to Germany, they increased even more sharply – up by 29 per cent'".

Can't win, can you? No doubt these figures increase even between matches, thanks to modern police forces - and successive home secretaries - assuming that all men are violent anyway, despite Erin Pizzey's revelations that half of all abuse victims are men - for which she has received feminazi death threats ever since.

At this point I would like to mention Anna Raccoon's blog, which regularly rips into historic sex abuse allegations - here's a recent post by one of her assistant authors - and to point you to previous posts in Britain Today which suggest that the current craze for framing white celebrities stems from a desire to distract our attention from endemic "Asian" grooming. See here, too, for how a footballer was framed for rape to please the Sisterhood.


  1. I lived near Brighton for a little over 25 years and visited it often, it used to be a fantastic city, then all of a sudden then in 1996 it became labour controlled and remained that way till 2003 when it went NOC.
    Last time I was in Brighton just over 2 years ago this was really showing. Brighton has became a very left wing area so the choice of candidate does not surprise me, the sort of people who live in Brighton has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, so I would be amazed if this woman doesn't win the only thing they could have thrown in that would have assured her victory would be is she was a lesbian to capture the huge gay vote in Brighton. I am 85% sure if that were the case she would walk it, add together the immigrant and gay vote and I fairly sure that would out weigh the English, white football loving population of Brighton's vote.
    I was shocked last time I went to Brighton by how the immigrant population had grown from my previous visit. Many are transient students I realise but there were many signs the residential population of immigrants had grown dramatically. Poor Brighton I used to love it there so.

    1. You're a woman of many surprises - I never know you had lived in Brighton. I've lived here for about 25 years too. I'm sure what you say is 100% correct - in fact I wonder if Caroline Lucas MP deliberately has short haircuts to collar the lezzie/gay vote. The green faction on the council is just as degenerate as the Labour one, and I've posted \bout it a few times.

    2. I am indeed ;) I didn't actually live in Brighton but up the coast a bit and spent many happy times wandering around the streets of Brighton with my family and on occasions my female friends on shopping days.
      Brighton has amazing architecture and a lovely beach, it used to have a fantastic cosmopolitan air to it I do miss my visits there.
      I think all the new generation of politician are corrupt it's in their genetic make up and part of the job description. I am afraid no matter who you vote for these days they are all the same.
      I really would not put it past Lucas she is as underhanded and unpleasant as the rest of them.


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