Friday, 22 November 2013

Irresponsible bitch wants her "rights"

No, not you, Julia M. The woman you blogged about, as reported in the Northern Echo. (Julia's blog is full of examples of modern irresponsibility.)

"A man who posted images of a serious car accident on social media has been criticised by the motorist, who had to be airlifted to hospital. Pauline Squire said it was 'morally wrong and distressing' for Robert Beagle to put images and video online following a collision on the B6279 crossroads at Kinninvie, near Barnard Castle, County Durham, on Thursday, October 31. However, Mr Beagle said he was simply trying to highlight safety issues at the junction, which, he added, had been the scene of several accidents and near misses in recent years."

Was Mr Beagle being cold-bloodedly ghoulish? No. As the Echo continues -

Ms Squire [said] 'We were coming from Barnard Castle heading to Wheatley Hill and it was a road I had never been on before. I did not realise the junction was there.'.....Mr Beagle....said: 'I am trying to raise awareness. There should not be a problem at the junction – there are five signs before you get to it, but every week someone crosses that road without stopping. We do not want to go out there to find dead bodies in the road. There must have been at least 10 accidents in the years we have been here.'”

Couldn't give a damn about other people but fully signed up to the Human Rights Club. How typical.

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