Sunday, 3 March 2013

Chaplain sacked by the police for being a Christian

Despite massive opposition to gay marriage - just one of the issues which leads people to vote UKIP - the crackdown on the churches is well under way. This horrifying news is from the Christian Institute -

"A police chaplain says he was removed from his post because he disagreed with gay marriage on his personal internet blog. Strathclyde Police said Revd Brian Ross can hold his beliefs in private, but publicly expressing them is a breach of their equality and diversity policy. Revd Ross, a retired Church of Scotland minister, has written to MPs explaining what happened to him."

"He said: 'Just before the summer, a particular senior officer in one of the divisions read my personal blog and objected to my expressed support for traditional marriage as, it was claimed, it went against the force’s equality and diversity policies. I was summoned to a meeting, the end result of which has been that my services have been dispensed with. This, I would emphasise, is before any legislation has been placed on the statute book.'"

"A legal opinion from leading human rights barrister Aidan O’Neill QC warned that redefining marriage could have implications for the civil liberties of public sector workers. The opinion said that chaplains could lose their jobs for talking about their traditional views about marriage, even when they’re off duty."

Strathclyde Police may be one of the most useless constabularies in Britain but it is certainly the campest, so no doubt it will sack moslem chaplains who oppose gay marriage too. Mind you, police forces being reluctant to sack coppers who make bomb threats, McFuzz might take a little time to summon up the courage for this action.

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