Friday, 25 January 2013

Stupid bitch of the month

Some mothers do have 'em...but then there are some daft mothers around, too -

"An infuriated parent has slammed a school for punishing her daughter over the colour of her hair. Leah Halford from Poulner has temporarily removed her daughter Billie from Ringwood School after discovering the 13-year-old had been put in 'isolation' because she dyed the ends of her hair pink. The Year 8 pupil was pulled out of class on Friday morning by her Head of Year as a result of her new dip dye hair style. Leah said: 'I’ve made the decision to pull her out of the school until it’s gone. It’s not affecting her learning having pink hair'."

The picture shows that Billie had indeed dyed the ends of her hair pink.... after she'd dyed the rest of it blonde. Seemingly unaware that pulling her daughter out of school would indeed affect her learning, the equally tarty-looking mother added “Other girls go in with a full face of make-up or their skirts hitched up to their thighs. They’re allowed to have mobile phones on them. I just don’t understand why this is such an offence."

So why shouldn't 13-year-olds be allowed to look like little slags, Miz Halford - is it to do with not encouraging under-age sexual behaviour?

There are far too many immature mothers around like the one Billie is saddled with, who allow their children to disport themselves as if they were adults and then bleat like barrack-room human rights lawyers when more responsible people take exception. Is it really any wonder that our rate of teenage pregnancy is the highest in Europe? It's time some parents grew up. (For another example of silly bitchery, click here.)


  1. the equally tarty-looking mother added

    Like it. Like it very much.

  2. I expect she has numerous kids from different father's to, great example to help the 13 yr old to be a sensible member of society...


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