Thursday, 16 August 2012

TV licensing inspectors fake video evidence for court case

Ruthless TV licensing isnpectors ended up with egg on their faces this time -

"Michael Shakespeare, from Grays, made sure all his equipment at home could not receive a live TV signal and watched catch up TV through the internet, which you do not need a TV licence for....An inspector was sent round to check the equipment and Mr Shakespeare filmed it. He heard nothing more until five months later, when a summons for court arrived in the post for non-payment of his TV licence."

"TV Licensing obtained a copy of Mr Shakespeare’s video, which was uploaded on to YouTube, and said it showed a frozen image on a TV screen of The One Show, proving Mr Shakespeare was receiving live TV.....the judge found Mr Shakespeare had no case to answer, as TV Licensing could not prove the validity of the video. Their own inspector also said in court he had not seen the frozen image when he visited."

The fact that "TV Licensing" - real name Capita, a seedy outfit which gets public sector work through bribes - edited Mr Shakespeare's video to include a frozen image - will surprise no-one who has received visits from these intimidating thugs. What a shame the judge didn't hand down some gaol sentences for perjury.

The TV license fee resistance is growing - join up now!

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