Friday, 3 February 2012

BBC corrupted by EU money

Trying to find out how much money the beeb gets from Brussels is like trying to get blood out of a stone, despite the Freedom of Information Act. Congratulations to Karl McCartney for getting this far -

"The BBC admitted in a letter to a Tory MP that it has received nearly £3million in grant money from the European Union over the past four years. Other grants totalling £16million came from local authorities across the UK. The money was spent on 'research and development projects'. The broadcaster also disclosed that its commercial arm BBC Worldwide borrowed over £141million from the European Investment Bank since 2003. Of that figure £30million is still due to be repaid by the end of May this year. These figures are disclosed in the commercial arm’s annual report, while the BBC's annual report does not make clear where the grant money comes from."

I expect Brussels was giving our money to the beeb in 1975 too, as its coverage of the referendum campaign was amazingly one-sided, with Tony Benn and Enoch Powell depicted as swivel-eyed loonies for wanting Britain to leave the EEC. They knew very well that it would evolve into a fascist superstate.

(I wonder why local authorities donated that £16million's worth of council taxpayers' money? Were they Labour councils, known to be spendthrift? If so that would explain the BBC's pro-Labour bias, too.)

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