Sunday, 31 July 2011

Creatures of pure evil - English social workers

Christopher Booker again reports on this under-reported subject -

"The best-known of dozens of English mothers who have fled abroad to avoid their babies being seized by social workers is Vicky Haigh.....Less happy, however, is the outcome of another case....all seemed to go well, despite relentless efforts by the English social workers to persuade their Irish counterparts to return the baby to England.....But eventually the family’s savings ran out. Buoyed up by a glowing appraisal from the Irish social workers, they decided to return to England..."

"All went well until the young mother registered her baby with a GP......the social workers arrived at 8.30 in the morning, supposedly to check that 'the house was carpeted'. One barged into a room upstairs, where the grandfather, semi-naked, was talking to his 21-year-old son. He told the woman in no uncertain terms to leave.....That evening the social workers returned, with four policemen, to remove the baby...three times recently, in the weekly 'contacts' with the baby which the mother and grandmother are allowed in the social services office, they have been horrified to see their formerly healthy, cheerful child covered in bruises (legs, thighs, knees, shins, forehead and arms) of which they have pictures."

"The social workers refuse to explain how such injuries could have arisen...."

I will only add that a quarter of all adoption hearings in England and Wales are won by Social Services under the meaningless pretext "risk of future emotional abuse", and that the numbers have been rising since Labour, concerned about the plight of barren middle England voters, imposed severe targets on local SS units.

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  1. This is such an under-reported, unknown subject - but it shouldn't be. EVERY parent needs to be aware of what these creatures do. The general public seem to believe that if you have problems with SS, you've done something to deserve it and are abusive - not so. Children like poor baby P are still being harmed and are dying - why??? I'll tell you why. SS are too busy targeting easy targets like single mums with well-brought-up children. Damaged abused children are of no interest to SS as they are poor adoption material.
    It is SICK and should not be allowed in a so-called civilised democratic country. 'SS' is a good abbreviation as they act like something from Nazi Germany or Mao's China.
    Evil, evil, evil.


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