Monday, 1 September 2014

Scottish election violence

I touched on this subject in my last post, and covered Nigel Farage's near-lynching last year. Things now seem to be getting even worse - like central Glasgow when the pubs turn out. This is from the Sunday Herald -

"Fears have been expressed of polling-day trouble, with No supporters concerned about intimidation at polling stations when rival campaigners come face to face. One senior No campaign source said: 'We are worried that there is going to be absolute carnage.'"

But in another piece the Herald seems to indicate that if UKIP turns up Scots will definitely vote for independence - without any need for "absolute carnage" to frighten them into voting down the Union -

"The decision by Ukip to hold a rally in Glasgow a few days before Referendum Day has been seized on by the Yes camp as a political blow to their opponents....Better Together insisted: 'Ukip have no part to play in our campaign. We are campaigning against Nationalist politics of division and grievance'."

So, the SNP and the official pro-Union lobby sees UKIP - also pro-Union - as promoting "division and grievance". Duh...? I thought promoting division and grievance was the SNP's job? Not according to the "anti" fascists -

"Hope not Hate Scotland said the UKIP rally was 'a cynical attempt to capitalise on their EU result in Glasgow....this will undoubtedly appeal to far right and fascist organisations...we need to get the real facts out about UKIP so people can find out what they really stand for.'"

Hated by the Scots nationalists, the official pro-Union lobby and the far left members of Hope not Hate (sic), still UKIP spokesman Arthur Thackery has offered to look after hateful Better Together campaigner Jim Murphy after he suspended his '100 towns in 100 days' tour on police advice -

"We take a position that we will not be intimidated off the streets, and if Jim wants any support on his speaking tour when he goes back out there we are happy to join him make sure he stays safe."

(Picture shows Alex Salmond, whose party's founders got inspiration from a certain beer hall in the 1930s....)

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Riot roundup

First Rotherham, where police and social services colluded for years to stop child victims - now thought to number 1,400 so far - of moslem paedophiles from speaking out, with threats of prosecution for racism. The trouble is that local whites had started rioting, and there's nothing the authorities fear more than a popular uprising - hence the recently released report into just how much paedophilia there is now, with the hint that things will start to get better - which of course they won't. Meanwhile police try to distract angry locals by framing elderly white celebrities for what the moslems have been getting up to, with prehistoric recollections supplied by compo vultures and the press.

Riotous behaviour in Scotland is getting worse, with not just UKIP members facing violent abuse, but now a Labour MP as well, who like them opposes Scottish independence from England, whilst unlike UKIP - but just like the SNP - also supporting dependence on Brussels. It's an odd kind of patriotism that favours the ongoing draining of sovereign powers to foreigners - and which calls for more mass immigration for the benefit of cheap labour employers, I mean the economy. Still, the promise of Eurocrat jobs for the boys and offshore kickbacks from the bosses must ease the consciences of these whores, the one lot waving the Saltire, and the others the Union Jack.

Rioting in England has now spread to the Kurds, who have had to be separated by police from Islamists supporting attacks on their relatives in Iraq. It's a pity the Kurds don't go home - every freedom fighter helps - although this might just induce the government to change sides again. Policy seems stable on the Jews though, with terrorists given carte blanche to carry on where Eichmann left off and wails of indignation when the Israelis dare to fight back. One Elder of Zion has now broken George Galloway's jaw, as he has whipped up more racial hatred than anyone.

Rioting will break out in the Fens soon, as the violence of East European immigrants starts to peak - three children have now killed a man in Spalding after breaking into his house. Naturally police are saying as little as possible, but they must be pleased that at least the murder distracts local attention from continued traveller (sic) shack building in the Fen country, which the police have managed to ignore completely.

Friday, 22 August 2014

NHS abuses censored, thanks to EU

I recently blogged about the Court of the European Union allowing people to stop embarrassing facts from appearing in Google's search results. Now two related Daily Mail reports on our killer NHS have been zapped -

Mail Online, April 1, 2013 - removed by Google on August 19, 2014

"A girl of ten could have died if her parents had relied on the controversial new NHS 111 helpline, they said last night. Beau Marshall was ill with stomach cramps last Saturday when her worried mother Candice phoned the service that is being piloted in her area. She spoke first to a call-centre worker, then to someone else with some medical training – who assured her a doctor would phone back within two hours to assess the little girl and possibly to arrange a home visit. But more than a week on, the doctor has still not called and if Mrs Marshall had followed NHS advice her daughter could have died. For when Beau's condition worsened, her parents drove to hospital themselves. Within two hours, the youngster was diagnosed with potentially fatal appendicitis and her 'very inflamed' appendix was removed..."

Mail Online, July 29, 2013 - removed by Google on August 19, 2014

"Staff shortages have made the NHS 111 helpline unsafe at weekends, say its own managers. Some call centres have no nurses at all overnight, leaving unqualified workers to make snap decisions about the critically ill. An undercover investigation also found patients can wait hours to speak to a nurse. The helpline was introduced this spring to provide non-emergency medical advice 24 hours a day. It is manned by workers who, after just two weeks of training, use a computer system to assess how unwell callers are. They must decide whether to issue advice over the phone or suggest a visit to a GP or A&E. In serious cases, they can put the caller through to a nurse or even send an ambulance..."

(The 111 telephone service replaced NHS Direct last year, allowing you to consult non-medical people - such as Polish plumbers - if no nurses are available. Speak slowly and say "leaky pipe" instead of "bladder infection".)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Salmond and the Queen

A slightly rude joke from the Filthy Engineer -

The Queen arrives in Glasgow and she bumps into Alex Salmond.

HMtQ says "How nice to see you Mr Salmond"

AS says "Nice to see you too Ma'am, Now, what are we going to call Scotland after we win Independence? How about calling it a Kingdom, and then I will be a King?"

HMtQ "No, we don't like that"

AS "What about an Empire? Then I'll be the Emperor".

HMtQ " No, we don't like that either"

AS " Alright then, what about calling it a Principality? Then I'll be a Prince"

HMtQ " No Mr Salmond, I think we will call it a Country".

Friday, 15 August 2014

Equalities almost causes plane crash

You don't always know if the pilot you're flying with is qualified or not. Or whether he is drunk or not. Or suicidal, come to that. But even if he is qualified, sober and enjoys life, your pilot might still be not quite all there -

"A pilot with an artificial arm lost control of a passenger plane after the prosthetic limb fell off the steering mechanism in a shock accident, a report has revealed. The incident....came as the Dash 8 aircraft with 47 passengers on board was approaching the airport in gusty conditions. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) report said....'a normal touchdown was followed by a bounce, from which the aircraft landed heavily.' The AAIB reported that the captain had said that in future he would be more cautious about checking the attachment on his prosthesis."

In response to the report, Captain Ian Baston, Flybe Director of Flight Operations and Safety, said “Flybe is proud to be an Equal Opportunities Employer."

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Brainwashing toddlers

This link from Anna Raccoon's blog makes interesting reading. On the face of it the government is worried about the teaching of moslem extremism, but note the absence of references to terrorist propaganda. This is a plan to turn white children against their rather more traditionalist parents, who might just be thinking of joining the EDL or UKIP - for which parents can have their children taken away, or be banned from fostering -

"Plans to tackle 'extremism' among toddlers are to be announced by the government in new rules for nursery education. Nurseries will be stripped of funding if they 'promote extremist views" to children as young as two, under proposals to be announced by the new education secretary Nicky Morgan. 'There can be no place for extremist views anywhere in the education system,' she will say. 'The changes we are making today will ensure that all early years providers and schools are aligned with the need to protect children from views that are considered extreme.'"

"Views that are considered extreme"? Might these views be related to Jew-baiting and woman-bashing? Er, anyway, on with the "fundamental British values" programme. Forget the red herrings about "sharing" and "taking turns" -

"Toddlers will be taught 'fundamental British values' such as 'sharing', taking turns and 'challenging negative attitudes and stereotypes'. 'One of the most important roles of the education system is that it should prepare young people for life in modern Britain,' Morgan will say. 'I am clear that public money should not be used to support any school or early years provider that does not support this aim because it seeks to promote ideas and teachings than run counter to fundamental British values.'"

And if you are so extreme as to ask to sit next to an English speaking pupil then you may be arrested. Worried that Mum and Dad might be having a reactionary influence on you? Rat on them to your "named person" - or state spy - a scheme that started in Scotland, and which will spread to the rest of the country soon. White children and their parents - and traditionalist teachers opposed to our new, Rocky Horror style "fundamental British values" - must learn to be politically correct, or they will suffer the consequences.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Pest problem? Set fire to your house

Late news from dumb Britain - thanks to Kath for the link. For past posts about our attitude toward child-eating snakes, see here and also here.

A man has set fire to his house after trying to get rid of an ants nest by dousing it with petrol and lighting it. The incident...follows a similar blaze earlier this week in Bridgend, South Wales, when a man managed to start a fire at his home as he tried to kill a spider with an aerosol spray. South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue said....'the resident set light to the petrol, but the resulting fire spread to a garden hedge which burnt fiercely, melting plastic guttering, a plastic window frame and a garden chair.'"

"Using petrol to eliminate an ants nest has to be a first for us."

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The jackboots of the ASA

Never mind the fact that the Advertising Standards "Authority" isn't a statutory body - it certainly acts like one -

"Supermarket giant Morrisons cannot rebroadcast an advert for burgers after a watchdog ruled that it 'condoned poor nutritional habits'. The TV commercial showed a mother preparing a burger for her daughter while they talk about school. The girl then removes the salad, onion and tomato from the burger and leaves them on the side of her plate. The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that this 'suggested she was not going to eat the salad later'."

Not that this advertising industry trade association has any legal right to order firms around, but it generally gets its way. Here's another good one -

"A billboard poster....featured an elderly white woman sitting on a sofa alongside a young black man. The man had his arms around the woman and his eyes were closed, whilst the woman held an electronic cigarette....we considered that consumers would believe that the ad was presenting a relationship between an older and younger individual, particularly an older woman and a younger man, and a couple of different races, as something that was unusual or socially unacceptable. Because of that, we concluded that the ad was likely to cause serious or widespread offence on the grounds of race and age."

And two years ago the ASA rapped a blogger for an advert which stated that most of us oppose gay marriage, which according to polls was true -

"Complainants objected that the ads were ‘offensive’ and ‘homophobic’, and he is requested to respond to these allegations ‘under CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 and 3.3 (Misleading advertising), 3.7 (Substantiation) and 4.1 (Harm and offence)’....we require you to explain your rationale for the ad."

The "authority" didn't get its way with the blogger. However, under the Leveson/EU censorship plans this may change in future...