Thursday, 18 September 2014

EU triples tax on green industry

Just noticed this on the Bloggers4UKIP website -

"The British government has been told by the EU that it has to charge the minimum EU VAT rate of 15% on energy efficient products. Things like insulation, wind turbines, solar panels and wood burners providing hot water only attract 5% VAT to encourage their use to meet the EU's punishing yet completely futile and unnecessary global warming targets.....the Climate Change Minister, Greg Barker, has put together a robust response to the interfering busybodies in Brussels - he's started a Twitter campaign to try and get them to change their minds.....Having created a whole industry from nowhere with the global warming scam, the EU is now going to reap the profits from the unsustainable 'green' industry it created"

How pathetic that EU membership has reduced a government minister to twittering ineptitude. The SNP is all in favour of such impotence, because it wants Scotland to retain its membership after achieving independence. If not being able to control its own tax and environmental policies can be called independence, that is.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Police call for more obscene behaviour

Thanks to Julia M for this nuggett of news from deepest Sussex -

"Chief Constable Giles York told a policing conference yesterday that forces need more LGBT officers and warned against prejudice becoming 'discriminatory practice'.....he said 'we have to become an employer of choice for all sorts of people'....Mr York said gay communities had historically been 'hounded' by the policing of public sex environments, adding: 'we still have prejudices today and I think the learning (sic) we need to do on this is how we don’t let them boil through into discriminatory behaviour'."

But as Julia points out, the proportion of LBGT officers in Sussex Police roughly equates to the national average. And the force's LTGB liaison officer for gay Brighton remarks in the above article that he is not aware of any officers experiencing hostility as a result of coming out. As for being "hounded" in public toilets, didn't Labour legalise gay sex in the cubicles, pretending that they were private spaces - even though you could still hear everything? But that's not good enough for Chief Constable York, who apparently wants to importune men standing at the urinals, too.

Doesn't he realise that an increase in "human rights" for minorities - meaning an unfair share of available jobs, the gagging of the majority through "hate crime", and letting the privileged few get away with murder - breeds disgust for those minorities? (See how gays were allowed to rope off an entire district of Brighton for their festival this year.)

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Will England have to repay Scotland's debts?

Will England have to bail out Scotland.if the independence referendum goes the SNP's way? The SNP thinks so -

"Alex Salmond has been accused of laughing off the prospect of repaying a share of national debt should Scotland become independent by allegedly joking: 'What are they going to do - invade?'.....[he] insisted that the country would continue to use the pound after a Yes vote, warning that it could default on its share of the national debt if the UK Government did not agree to a currency union."

So if Scotland gains independence (within the confines of the EU, of course) then either the Bank of England continues to prop up Scotland's failing economy, but this time without the UK Treasury being able to impose any sort of financial discipline on Edinburgh.....or the rest of the UK continues to bail out the Royal Bank of Scotland - registered in Edinburgh until the board heard the news - only this time without any help from the Scottish taxpayer.

I expect Salmond is also thinking of repudiating Scotland's share of the national debt if English taxpayers stop subsidising his country's bloated public sector, too.

Tell you what, why doesn't the UK just repudiate the national debt, much of which was run up after Salmond advised RBS on how to run a bank? And let Scots finance their own public services in future - in euros? They won't have to pay too much extra tax once their masters at the ECB impose their swingeing public sector cuts, after all.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

EU cracks down on toast

High-powered vacuum cleaners which allegedly contribute to global warming have recently been banned, with a threat of further appliances to follow. And now the boys from Brussels are getting their teeth into....toast -

"An EU watchdog says toast should be eaten only when it is a light brown colour or it could increase the risk of cancer. The European Food Safety Authority warned of a chemical, acrylamide, found in some foods cooked at high temperatures. It is mainly found in crisps, savoury snacks, chips, soft and crispy breads, biscuits, crackers, cakes, cereals and coffee. But dark roasted potatoes, jacket potatoes and slightly burned toast could also contain it. "

This follows the World Health Organisation noticing that acrylamide was raising concerns among scientists. Realising that big plastics manufacturers were producing nearly all of this stuff, WHO decided to target consumers instead to avoid upsetting their friends in big business. Fellow bureaucrats in Brussels have now got the message - and presumably some big business cash - and will soon be instructing Whitehall food-fascists to crack down on yet another lot of consumables.

All this despite WHO's own experts admitting that there was bugger-all evidence suggesting food to be the problem, as the above article indicates. No doubt they've been sacked by now for going against the official consensus, like climatologists whose research funding dries up when they express doubts about global warming.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Common Purpose and Rotherham

Pat Condell thinks this highly influential outfit might be behind the official (and ongoing) endorsement of moslem grooming - where even parents are arrested for telling police officers what's happening to their children.

Smoking and big business

First they came for the smokers....and gradually even fairly open spaces became enclosed spaces where you could not smoke. Even a private space like your car will soon become a smoke-free zone. You're meant to turn to patches, to help you give up. Now Big Pharma, which owns politicians and nicotine patch factories alike, has declared a crack down on e-cigs too. Because they work, unlike patches which seldom have any effect - forcing the smoker to keep coming back for more, in the hope that they'll work one day....

"Last week the World Health Organization called for e-cigarette use to be banned in public places and workplaces. The WHO said this was because they could increase the levels of some toxins and nicotine in the air. Its report also warned about the risk of e-cigarettes acting as a gateway by which non-smokers might start smoking real cigarettes."

So if the secondary inhalation argument doesn't stack up, then fall back to the claim that e-cigs encourage you to buy real cigs. Researchers at University College, London, give short shrift to this corporate-funded nonsense -

"[UCL researchers say] that even though some toxins were present in vapour from e-cigarettes the concentrations were very low....researchers at the National Addiction Centre based at King's College London and the Tobacco Dependence Unit at Queen Mary University....concluded that some of the assumptions WHO had made were 'misleading....the risks are unlikely, some already proven not to exist....killing benefits, which are huge, for risks which are small is like asking people to stop using mobile phones and tablets....because of a one in 10 million chance that the battery might overheat in your device.'"

It's a bit like carbon dioxide. When you realise that it isn't warming the world up after all, they say "Yes it is, but solar flares are cooling it down again. When they stop, carbon dioxide will boil us all to death, unless we limit its production." And big business is behind that scare story, too.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Scottish election violence

I touched on this subject in my last post, and covered Nigel Farage's near-lynching last year. Things now seem to be getting even worse - like central Glasgow when the pubs turn out. This is from the Sunday Herald -

"Fears have been expressed of polling-day trouble, with No supporters concerned about intimidation at polling stations when rival campaigners come face to face. One senior No campaign source said: 'We are worried that there is going to be absolute carnage.'"

But in another piece the Herald seems to indicate that if UKIP turns up Scots will definitely vote for independence - without any need for "absolute carnage" to frighten them into voting down the Union -

"The decision by Ukip to hold a rally in Glasgow a few days before Referendum Day has been seized on by the Yes camp as a political blow to their opponents....Better Together insisted: 'Ukip have no part to play in our campaign. We are campaigning against Nationalist politics of division and grievance'."

So, the SNP and the official pro-Union lobby sees UKIP - also pro-Union - as promoting "division and grievance". Duh...? I thought promoting division and grievance was the SNP's job? Not according to the "anti" fascists -

"Hope not Hate Scotland said the UKIP rally was 'a cynical attempt to capitalise on their EU result in Glasgow....this will undoubtedly appeal to far right and fascist organisations...we need to get the real facts out about UKIP so people can find out what they really stand for.'"

Hated by the Scots nationalists, the official pro-Union lobby and the far left members of Hope not Hate (sic), still UKIP spokesman Arthur Thackery has offered to look after hateful Better Together campaigner Jim Murphy after he suspended his '100 towns in 100 days' tour on police advice -

"We take a position that we will not be intimidated off the streets, and if Jim wants any support on his speaking tour when he goes back out there we are happy to join him make sure he stays safe."

(Picture shows Alex Salmond, whose party's founders got inspiration from a certain beer hall in the 1930s....)

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Riot roundup

First Rotherham, where police and social services colluded for years to stop child victims - now thought to number 1,400 so far - of moslem paedophiles from speaking out, with threats of prosecution for racism. The trouble is that local whites had started rioting, and there's nothing the authorities fear more than a popular uprising - hence the recently released report into just how much paedophilia there is now, with the hint that things will start to get better - which of course they won't. Meanwhile police try to distract angry locals by framing elderly white celebrities for what the moslems have been getting up to, with prehistoric recollections supplied by compo vultures and the press.

Riotous behaviour in Scotland is getting worse, with not just UKIP members facing violent abuse, but now a Labour MP as well, who like them opposes Scottish independence from England, whilst unlike UKIP - but just like the SNP - also supporting dependence on Brussels. It's an odd kind of patriotism that favours the ongoing draining of sovereign powers to foreigners - and which calls for more mass immigration for the benefit of cheap labour employers, I mean the economy. Still, the promise of Eurocrat jobs for the boys and offshore kickbacks from the bosses must ease the consciences of these whores, the one lot waving the Saltire, and the others the Union Jack.

Rioting in England has now spread to the Kurds, who have had to be separated by police from Islamists supporting attacks on their relatives in Iraq. It's a pity the Kurds don't go home - every freedom fighter helps - although this might just induce the government to change sides again. Policy seems stable on the Jews though, with terrorists given carte blanche to carry on where Eichmann left off and wails of indignation when the Israelis dare to fight back. One Elder of Zion has now broken George Galloway's jaw, as he has whipped up more racial hatred than anyone.

Rioting will break out in the Fens soon, as the violence of East European immigrants starts to peak - three children have now killed a man in Spalding after breaking into his house. Naturally police are saying as little as possible, but they must be pleased that at least the murder distracts local attention from continued traveller (sic) shack building in the Fen country, which the police have managed to ignore completely.