Monday, 21 July 2014

Some pigs are more equal than others......

Brighton's annual "Gay Pride" weekend will no longer be limited to a parade of abnormal people down the London Road, en route to the local park for a public display of mass drunkenness and defaecation. The gayest road in town, St James Street, is to be sealed off to pedestrians and vehicles this year, with only residents allowed to use it for free. Everybody else will be charged for entry to this public thoroughfare, which is lined with shops used not only by gays but also by straight people from all over Brighton. The idea is to concentrate Gay Pride celebrants from all over the country into this road so that they can treat it as an extension to the park - hopefully keeping their drinking and defaecating to their gay bars and nightclubs.

Traders, who will not receive a rebate to their business rates for this weekend of net losses, are not amused at this abuse of the Queen's Highway, and neither indeed are Brighton shoppers, of whom I am one. People wishing to visit friends who live in the area will have to pay for the privilege. Naturally the council's ruling Green Party was in favour of this scheme and voted it through - with Tory and Labour support, I might add.

This is the real meaning of "human rights" - certain groups are given special rights at the expense of other groups, in an echo of the Nuremberg Laws. Frankly, I want my civil rights back. Or "hate crimes", as they call them now.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Stupid bitch of the month

From Kate Perry's Twitter account -

Had the best sushi/wagyu from @ChefAntonioPark The wagyu was flown in this morning from JPN & the fish had previously had acupuncture #fancy

For those not in the know -

Kate Perry is a singer, but rival singer Britney Spears was eating acupunctured fish long before Kate thought of tweeting about it. Acupuncture sends the fish into a deep sleep prior to slaughter. And wagyu is Japanese beef produced from a special breed of cow, costing £100 for a small steak. Yup, there's one born every minute.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

News roundup

Wales is to ban smoking in your car, supposedly for the good of the cheeeldren, so as you cross the Severn Bridge remember to fling the contents of your ashtray onto Welsh tarmac. There are now almost as many Urdu as Welsh speakers in Wales and the number is increasing - not of Welsh speakers, who are declining in number despite forced teaching of the language in Welsh schools. More "Scots" now speak Polish than Gaelic, and yet the supposedly anti-racist (except where it comes to hating the English) SNP executive, sorry government, continues to double-print its publications in English and Gaelic. In England an increasing number of Tory MPs have now been accused of knowing a paedophile, which is a step forward from framing elderly white celebrities for ancient historic sex crimes, as it distracts our attention still further from endemic moslem grooming. Cameron will pull Britain out of the European Human Rights Convention over Juncker's dead body, as leaving is clearly against EU rules, although threatening to withdraw will still pinch a few votes back from UKIP next year. And in a clear sign of social progress, five out of seventeen cabinet members now have breasts, with breast-only shortlists being imposed on Tory constituency parties in short order. If only Michael Gove, sacked as Education Minister for reforming schools as promised in the Tory manifesto, had had implants inserted into his chest, then he would still be in position.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Our new aircraft carrier is an expensive waste of money

Cross-posted from Christopher Booker's Telegraph blog.....

No sooner had the Queen cracked a bottle of whisky over the bow of the largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy, the 65,000-ton aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, than we were being told that this was “a proud moment for the whole of Britain”, marking “the return of a sense of national ambition”, reflecting both “a past full of glory” and “a future full of potential”.

Of course, as this long controversial project reached such a symbolic moment, there were mutterings round the edges. Why would it not be until 2020 that any aircraft would be available to fly off it – the largely US-built vertical take-off F-35s, which have been through as many design changes as the ship itself? Why was its vast flight deck not equipped to handle conventional fixed-wing aircraft? Why was it not, like its US counterparts, to be nuclear-powered, but driven by diesel and gas turbines, requiring more refuelling auxiliaries than the Royal Navy can any longer provide? Equally unequipped is the Navy with ships to provide the escort cover this carrier will need.

If in many ways the resulting monster ship is like that proverbial camel – “a horse designed by a committee” – the real question is, obviously, what purpose is it meant to serve? Why was a ship almost as large as the rest of the Navy put together wanted in the first place? The real story behind this goes back to 1996, when we and our EU colleagues were discussing ways to integrate the EU’s defence efforts. Our then defence secretary, Michael Portillo, signed a “Letter of Intent” with his French counterpart setting up 23 Anglo-French naval study groups, including one on “Future aircraft carrier development”.

In 1998 this led to the St-Malo agreement between Tony Blair and President Chirac to work on a new integrated EU defence force. This led in turn to the 1999 “Helsinki goals”, centred on setting up a European “Rapid Reaction Force” able to operate anywhere in the world. A major contribution to this would be three giant aircraft carriers, two built by Britain, one by France, with other navies such as those of Spain and Italy providing the necessary escort cover.

Such was the reason why, 15 years later, we saw the first of these mighty ships launched, after skewing our defence budget to the tune of £6 billion. We didn’t hear much of the involvement in the ship’s design of the French arms giant Thales, mainly responsible for building its French counterpart. But history has now moved on. We also don’t hear much these days about the EU’s “Rapid Reaction Force”.

Thus are we left with a ship with no real purpose other than to act as the monument to yet another failed dream of EU integration. It is scarcely a “moment for pride” that we should leave our once truly proud Royal Navy equipped with little more than “HMS White Elephant”.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

More EU rubbish.....

Thanks to Tim Worstall for picking up on the latest stupid proposal from our masters in Brussels -

"Today the Commission adopted proposals to turn Europe into a more circular economy and boost recycling in the Member States. Achieving the new waste targets would create 580 000 new jobs compared to today's performance, while making Europe more competitive and reducing demand for costly scarce resources. The proposals also mean lower environmental impacts and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The plans ask Europeans to recycle 70 % of municipal waste and 80 % of packaging waste by 2030, and ban burying recyclable waste in landfill as of 2025."

But all our carefully-segregated recyclables get buried along with all our other rubbish anyway, because EU recycling rules only apply to the collection of rubbish, not to its disposal. Still, the Greens will be happy with all those extra wheelie bins soon to block our driveways for no good reason at all. Not so happy are third worlders living next door to those rising mountains of western rubbish which councils export for burial to avoid paying EU landfill tax.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Stupid sanctimonious dwarf speaks out

The number of victim groups continues to grow - people with ginger hair, Mancunians who dress up as goths, you name it. Here the squeaker adds his tiny voice to the tumult calling for special protection from the rest of us -

"John Bercow has suggested making fun of someone because of their height should be as socially unacceptable as homophobia or racism. The Commons speaker, who has previously been referred to as a 'stupid sanctimonious dwarf' during a debate in the House, said his height did not bother him. But Mr Bercow, who is 5ft 6ins tall (1.7m), said it was unacceptable that people were criticised on the basis of how tall they are, and this could be taken as offensive. 'Whereas nobody these days would regard it as acceptable to criticise someone on grounds of race or creed or disability or sexual orientation, somehow it seems to be acceptable to comment on someone's height, or lack of it' he said."

If Lord Leveson and his EU bosses get their way the only group you'll be able to have a go at in future will be straight white blokes, native to the country they are living in, who don't believe in global warming. Like you are now.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Europe censors Google, part 2

I recently blogged about the EU court deciding that there exists a "right to be forgotten", which is good news for corrupt politicians, Nazi war criminals and other trash. Here the new ruling is applied to George Osborne's brother -

"A story published by the Daily Express five years ago detailing the marriage of Chancellor George Osborne’s brother to a Muslim bride was today censored by Google. was today informed that an article published about Dr Adam Osborne on December 7, 2009, has been removed from Google’s search listings. The 300-word piece detailed how the Chancellor’s younger brother, now 38, had converted to Islam in preparation for his marriage to Bangladeshi-born Rahala Noor, his plastic surgeon girlfriend of 14 years....the piece, which did not allow reader comments, still exists on However, it does not appear on Google when a user searches for ‘George Osborne, brother, Islam, Express’ or any variation of those terms. Google confirmed its actions in a notice to"

What next - will Ken Livingstone be able to hide his old links to radical islamist organisations? At this rate George Osbourne will soon be able to forget the bad publicity that was generated when stories of his tax-fiddling activities were published, because you won't be able to find the references on Google any more.

Extra Google censorship news - "Google has removed web links to several Telegraph articles, following an EU court ruling." Including this one, about former minister Leon Brittan keeping quiet about a Westminster paedophile ring. You just won't find it on the world's favourite search engine.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Blog profile

I just came across this beautiful self-description by "right wing" (ie not politically correct) blogger Mac the Knife -

"Fifty-four, but I don't look a day over ninety-three. Done the rounds through the private sector, the NHS and latterly the Civil Service. Apolitical libertarian, sick of just about everything to do with our sub-comedic 'democracy'. My hobbies include smoking, drinking heavily and crawling around darkened rooms bumping into things. EU sceptic, ACC sceptic, and violently anti accordion music. I believe that lying to the public should be a capital offence, and that the international political class should be flayed alive and their skin recycled to make bog-roll for leper colonies in the developing world. Nothing extreme about me then..."